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I signed up for Extreme Quartetting at this year's Harmony College, and have had to learn eight new songs, to performance standard, in two months. It was interesting to try out a way of learning that was different from one song at a time.

I started by listening to all 8 songs in succession, over and over again, to get a feel for the easiest ones, then concentrated on those. About a week ago I was strong on 5, but fully prepared on only 3. By fully prepared I mean I could sing them solo without the recordings.The other 2 I could sing with the recordings playing softly in the background.

Then I picked up one of the remaining 3 and managed to learn it in 3 days. Now I reckon I am 95-98% on 6 songs, with two still to master.

What I came to realise was that if I learned one song at a time, I risked forgetting it while I concentrated on the next one, so I have worked on all in each rehearsal, focusing on the ones that came more easily. It was interesting that Moonlight Brings Memories seemed, initially, to be one of the difficult ones, but was the song I eventually mastered in 3 days.

I have enough time to polish off the remaining two songs.

In contrast, it seems to take our club a very long time to learn each new song. I wonder if that is a common experience.