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In general, the purchase of new flotation equipment goldenmachine.net in production, we must test machine to see whether the normal operation of all functions, we call it commissioning. So in the test run and load operation, what should pay attention to.

Test run: After the flotation machine assembly, into the water for at least 2 hours of running test. During the test, the operation of the flotation machine should be stable and flexible, no noise, no rub, no vibration, no leakage in the sealing parts of the lubricated parts, no leakage of the tank body, no more than 30 degrees of temperature rise of the bearing and no more than 60 degrees of maximum temperature .

Load operation: The load test should be carried out after the user runs normally. In the load test, the requirements: foam scraper work properly, smooth rotation, impeller rotation smooth, flexible and reliable tank tank and gate, the tank may not have pulp outflow, the bearing temperature is not higher than 35 degrees, the maximum temperature No more than 65 degrees.

The advantage of trial operation is that once an abnormal situation occurs, it can be discovered and solved in advance to avoid unnecessary losses in the formal production.

Flotation Equipment section shape is mostly rectangular, the lower part of the leaf can be circular, the transmission components directly supported in the tank body geometry of the groove available groove depth (overflow weir and groove bottom distance) and the ratio of the width of the groove Referred to as the depth ratio) said. Flotation machine impeller tangential speed and the impeller diameter with the width of the ratio (referred to as aspect ratio) related. The depth of the tank and the height of the three active zones within the flotation machine are typically between 1 and 2 m, with exceptionally large volumes (> 16 m³) and altitudes exceeding this number. Generally, the larger the volume, the smaller the depth ratio. The shallow groove type and the deep groove type can be divided according to the aspect ratio, but there is no definite limit. Habitual aspect ratio greater than or close to 1 known deep groove type, less than one said shallow groove type. The aspect ratio is determined by the rotor-stator design and for the same type of flotation machine, the aspect ratio does not change much.

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