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In the car family, for a lot of trouble: If you drive, go away, trouble a lot; if not driving, leaving the car cheap nike dunk shoes, the car is not the first time, In case there is a long two short how to do? Thousands of trouble, will eventually entangled in the point: car insurance. In the off-site, in case of accidents, what kind of behavior will make the loss intensified? How can we reduce the trouble? Recently, the reporter interviewed the relevant experts, finishing the car insurance during the Spring Festival five worries, and coping style. Troubled one: off-site accident, met the old Lai claims more difficult: ★ ★ ★ for home by car, travel the owner, if the accident, living in a foreign land will lead to increased trouble. Not only delay the trip, more likely to labor injury. The newspaper 'car road pass' complaints rights hotline, had received a telephone from Hangzhou, Mr. Wang: 2013 Spring Festival in Jiangsu accident, who knows hit the old Lai, nearly a year later, 2000 yuan repair Car compensation has not yet recovered. Countermeasures: 1. According to the program claims. Insurance experts said that the vast majority of insurance companies have opened a 'national through compensation' business, you can report in different places, fixed loss, compensation, and even get insurance in different places compensation. Therefore, the owner can basically eliminate the 'risk in the field, there is no way to get compensation for car insurance' concerns. 2. Find out the situation, as far as possible consultation clearly. If the auto insurance is not a problem, 'old Lai' is the real attention. In the off-site risk, especially after the accident occurred after the incident, be sure to understand each other's situation (owner information, whether the other insurance, insurance is complete). Once the other party is not on the car insurance, or insurance is incomplete, as far as possible on the spot consultation to the endless trouble. If the spot is not a consultation, you can call the police to help. Troubles 2: fireworks broke the car Difficulty coefficient: ★ ★ ★ ★ Year of the Spring Festival, many parts of China limit the fireworks and firecrackers. However, this does not mean that the car can be protected from fireworks. Spring Festival 2013, Yiwu Chen car in the cell door burned, the perpetrators are unknown (see the newspaper reported May 29, 2013). How to let the car away from the fireworks, but also the owner must be considered in advance. Countermeasures: During the Spring Festival, the car is most vulnerable to fireworks damage, is exposed to the part - such as paint, tires, wipers and so on cheap nike shoes online. If the fireworks exploded, the owner should first look for the perpetrators. If you can not find the perpetrators cheap nike air max 2017, the insurance company can only be in accordance with the 'can not find a third party' on the owners of the discount compensation (usually the total amount of 7 fold). However, if the fireworks and firecrackers cause a fire, resulting in vehicle damage, auto insurance is compensable. Because under the auto insurance regulations, 'fire' belongs to the insurance company within the scope of compensation. For such losses, how to lose, how much compensation, it is necessary in accordance with the identification of fire department identification results. Trouble three: dangerous more than 48 hours did not report the difficulty coefficient: ★ during the Spring Festival, the car to reduce the frequency. If the owner travels, home, and may even see the car for a long time. What if the car was accidentally during this period? Under the terms of the auto insurance, the insured shall notify the insurance company within 48 hours of the occurrence of the insurance accident, otherwise the insurance company shall have the right to refuse compensation. So, during the Spring Festival accident cheap air jordan mens, the owner did not report in time, will be the insurance company refused to pay? Countermeasures: Reporters on the relevant issues consulting the insurance company, get the answer is: Please rest assured. Taking into account the special circumstances during the Spring Festival, the vast majority of insurance companies, are made for the time to do a personalized adjustment. If the risk, as long as the vehicle is not moving, the evidence is clear, the insurance company will not because 'beyond the time' difficult consumer. Therefore, if the accident, the owners can rest assured that claims. Troubled four: off-site trailer fees rose coefficient of difficulty: ★ ★ ★ If you go home by car or travel, out of the accident, dragging the cost will often become the focus of controversy. On the one hand, during the Spring Festival 4S shop, garage, rescue company personnel to reduce the trailer costs have gone up. On the other hand, if the off-site risk, unfamiliar, do not rule out the 'slaughter' may. 'Car road pass' received a complaint Mr. Ningbo Zhou cheap nike free shoes, last year's holiday in Jiangxi, the trailer costs spent more than 1,200 yuan, the insurance company only lost 350 yuan. What is the error during the period? In fact, for the accident trailer costs, insurance companies will be based on local price regulations, the introduction of compensation standards. For example, the price of Zhejiang Province for the ordinary road car trailer fee 'starting price' for 200 yuan, operating costs of 5 yuan / km. If an accident car trailer 20 km, then the insurance compensation for the cost of 200 + (5 × 20) = 300 yuan. Of course, during the Spring Festival trailer costs, owners can also consult with the insurance company, the appropriate increase in the cost of trailer compensation. Countermeasures: the industry pointed out that if off-site insurance, the owner can also be through some tips to reduce the loss of trailer fees. For example, the current accident car is a lot of maintenance units to compete for the 'meat and potatoes.' In order to get the source, a lot of 4S shop and maintenance plant, is willing to free trailer. If off-site risk, may wish to try to contact the province's 4S shop, is likely to reduce the loss of Oh! Trouble five: the vehicle was smashed to find the perpetrators difficulty coefficient: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ during the Spring Festival, the car may be a long time to leave the owner of the line of sight, which gave the lawless elements of the machine - the car placed cash, , Luggage, and even the vehicle, are likely to become the target of criminals. So, once the vehicle was smashed inside the car was stolen, insurance can compensation? Industry sources said that if the vehicle was thieves to patronize, insurance companies can compensate, from two aspects. First, the car stolen goods, insurance companies do not lose. Because both pay strong insurance, car damage insurance, are only responsible for compensation for the vehicle itself. Second, if the vehicle was stolen, was robbed lost, if the owner insured the theft of insurance, insurance companies can compensate for the insurance, the insurance company can be compensated. However, if the loss is only the vehicle parts (such as tires), the insurance company is not responsible for compensation. Countermeasures: 1. Timely for the car to vote Pirates of the rescue. 2. If you want to leave the bus, to the car parked in the regular parking lot or someone in charge of the parking lot, as far as possible the vehicle parked in the relatively large places, should not be parked in remote areas.

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