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Cobalt-Chromium Alloy is a ferromagnetic hard gray metal. It is commonly found to be associated with nickel in arsenic and its abundance in the crust is 20 ppm. Cobalt is relatively inactive, is stable in the air, but is slowly attacked by dilute acids. It does not combine with hydrogen and nitrogen, but reacts with carbon, oxygen and steam at elevated temperatures, producing CoO in the latter case.

The physical and chemical properties of cobalt determine that Cobalt Rod is important raw materials for producing heat-resistant alloys, cemented carbide, anticorrosive alloys, magnetic alloys and various cobalt salts. Cobalt-based alloys or cobalt-containing alloy steels are used as various high-load, heat-resistant parts in gas turbine blades, impellers, ducts, jet engines, rocket motors, missile components and chemical equipment, and as important metal materials for the atomic energy industry.

Cobalt is generally prepared by the first fire method using cobalt concentrate, arsenic cobalt concentrate, cobalt nickel sulfide concentrate, copper cobalt ore, cobalt concentrate cobalt concentrate or converted to soluble state, and then wet smelting Method made of cobalt chloride solution or cobalt sulfate solution, and then by chemical precipitation and extraction methods such as further enrichment and purification of cobalt, and finally cobalt compounds or cobalt metal. The occurrence of cobalt mineral complex state, ore grade is low, so a lot of extraction methods and process complexity, lower recovery. Cobalt ore beneficiation is generally cobalt ore by hand selection, re-election, froth flotation can be extracted to 15 to 25% cobalt concentrate. Cobalt concentrate smelting methods are nickel sulfide ore smelting and arsenic cobalt ore smelting.

Cobalt causes skin irritation or irritation. Exposed skin erythema, there is a slight itching, common in the hands, wrists, forearms and other parts of the skin and wrinkles, more than the onset of summer, most of the patients with cobalt exposure to new workers in skin diseases in patients with skin test positive can prove Allergic to cobalt. So in the process of contact with the cobalt rod to be careful, the skin can not be directly contacted with the cobalt rod.

Cobalt rod is generally silver white, not with water at room temperature in the humid air is also very stable. Cooled to CoO when heated in air to above 300 ° C, and burned into Co3O4 when whitened.